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Ugly Truth.

I did it. I ripped off the band-aid and got on the scale this week. I couldn't tell you how long it's been since I've stepped on the scale, but according to my saved weight on there, it was about 30 pounds ago. 30 pounds. Crap. 

In my brain of 'giving up', I think I've decided that getting on the scale was safer and in not doing so left me to 'not know' how bad it was and continue on my way doing whatever the hell I wanted in terms of my health. I mean, I still was going to the gym a couple times (okay usually once) a week. How could I possibly be gaining weight. Except my pants, shirts, and chubby face have been telling a different story and I knew it. 

So, now we know right? And they say knowledge is power. So now that I have the knowledge, albeit depressing, of just what my lack of caring for myself has done to the number on the scale, it's time to 'get real'. I don't feel the need to share the number, other than to say I'm back whe…

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